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Clean Slate

Clean Slate is designed to protect public access computers
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Do you face problem with unwanted computer changes? Do you face cost burden to maintain your computer? Here, Clean Slate is one of powerful, award-winner security system which can easily discard unwanted changes to desktop, programs, & documents. It decrease support cost almost 70%, maintain pc smooth n flexible. Clean Slate restores the computer to its original configuration discarding unwanted user changes: including erased files, installed software, downloaded spyware and adware, viruses and altered icons. It blocks unfamiliar executables from running, automatically configure applications if needed. Clean Slate is ideal solution for public access computers as user may downloads or misuse of computer, disturb programs or remove programs etc. so here Clean Slate save valuable time of Admin to manage their PC. It works with network security system, so no maintenance with networked computer. Clean Slate updates antivirus automatically when it is active and the PC is connected to Internet. Clean Slate has the ability to allow permanent saves by registry key, file name, or folder. Any program can easily be configured to run without Clean Slate clearing changes. Clean Slate make your computer safe against files being used and installation from removable media and remote drives. Administrators remotely control Clean Slate security on all the network computers through central control which is a significant time saver and easy to use.

Manoj Goel
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  • Ideal for public access.
  • Maintenance cost saving.
  • Allows permanent saves when required.
  • Discards unwanted changes.
  • Accommodates windows critical updates.
  • Protection from rogue administration.
  • Blocks execution of any unwanted program.


  • Disable security for installation or permanent changes.
  • Not a Freeware.
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